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I dare not change the washing machine dials that are still on the setting last used by my wife, the swanky American fridge is now so over-capacitated that I have taken to using the fridge section as a wine cellar and the freezer as an ice bucket, while the cost of cooking a baked potato in the cream-coloured four-door electric Aga, which neither heats the water nor the central heating, could save the euro.

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By midsummer, nihilism had replaced grief and it took a rocket from my daughter, who has become something of a de facto wife, to pull me out of my self-pity.

table If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

But let's say they did, or better yet, let's say that Elsa went as an exchange student to sunny California and attended the prom - how to do you think she would have dressed?

And Would she have tried make-up, maybe for the first time in her life?

It was a bird perch; a “sock’’, as Martin Amis famously described such soulless bachelor pads, for sleeping, smooching and refuelling.

Suddenly, at the age of 60, I was in a sock once more, only this time it is a modest-sized country house, a building that I had never before thought of as mine but rather as a family home owned mostly by the bank and, until this year, consisting of wife, dog, child and a ship’s container of white goods.A polarised view of crystals of Oxytocin is pictured Professor Denes believes that oxytocin is the reason why, as women who climax have more of the hormone in their systems, which increases feelings of trust and connection, than women who did not, influencing individuals’ decisions to talk about their feelings to their partners.‘A woman could be pregnant.Although with contraception that may not be the case anymore, we still have this psychology, and the post-coital time is when the couple makes promises to each other and establish commitment.Many people said they open up about their feelings to a partner after sex regardless of the length of a relationship – a time period described as the post-coital time interval (PCTI) by researchers Daniel Kruger and Susan Hughes.‘Why were some people sharing their innermost feelings, even when they knew the relationship had not yet reached that level?What effects would these post-coital disclosures have on relationship satisfaction?The cooker was once the mother lode that fed my wife, daughter and myself.

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